Microville - Need some branding done for shirts, pens, corporate gifts or general merchandising. Well, these guys are the ones to go to when in need!
Create a brand that projects the partnership between the owners, the employees and most importantly the relationship between client & company. Have a brand that can be trusted, a brand that stands out and commits to loyalty and efficiency.
Our Solution
Our solution: get wasted. Just kidding. Here is what we did...

The name was a challenge. Why, you ask? Well, Microville sounds more like an IT-related company rather than a promotional branding one. So the main concern was to create a brand that stood out as a trusted branding company by smoothing out fonts, and by creating an icon made up of the two ā€œiā€™sā€ in the logo that when put together, look like two little buddies. The symbolism here is the partnership between client and company, between owner and employees and between all shareholders.

The use of visual icons and subtle colours helped create a brand that was friendly and approachable.