The Architect & You. An independent freelance company comprised of architects, landscape architects and project managers.
A penny for your thought kind of concept. A brand that appears at expo’s and conventions where the sole purpose it to give free and friendly advice to the lay person and help them understand the full architectural process all for free while offering the professionals in the field as well.
Our Solution
Our solution: hot stone therapy. Just kidding. Here is what we did...

The brand we created was clean and sophisticated. We used architectural lines and circles to further enhance the architectural element of the brand. However, unlike most brands in this sector, we decided to bring in an element of everyday life: a plant, a stopwatch, and umbrella. Things that people relate to. We wanted to create an approachable brand that people feel comfortable with and that therefore would like to interact with. The world of architecture can be very intimidating which is why we have taken a friendly approach with A&U.