The Daily Grind Cafe + Kitchen is one of Gaborone’s trendiest hang out spots for the yummiest breakfasts and by far the best coffee you can get for miles!
To create a brand that is young and funky. A brand that is equivalent to those abroad. From the inside out, The Daily Grind was to be the place that people would want to hang out with friends or take a few hours to have some great coffee and work. It needed to stand out from every other coffee shop in Botswana.
Our Solution
Our solution: ice cream. Just kidding. Here is what we did...

We created a brand that was young, funky and humourous. We decided that the best way to make people feel comfortable and at home was to talk to them in a language that was approachable and relatable.

Our visuals for the menus were quirky and interactive. We wanted people to come to TDG, read the menu and laugh. Our aim was to get clients to not only talk about the amazing coffee, great food and relaxed ambiance, but to talk about the menu and design as well!